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New York State Senate

Diane J. Savino: The case for same-sex marriage

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Hours before New York lawmakers rejected a key marriage equality bill (38-24), State Senator Diane J. Savino made the passionate case for a government that recognizes and administers same-sex marriages. Here's her fresh, thought-provoking perspective on one of the most contentious issues in US culture, religion and government.

- Senator
Diane Savino represents the 23rd Senate District in the New York State Senate. Full bio

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About the speaker:

Diane J. Savino - Senator
Diane Savino represents the 23rd Senate District in the New York State Senate.

Why you should listen

Diane Savino began her career in public service as a caseworker for New York City’s Child Welfare Administration, providing assistance to abused and neglected children. An active member of her local labor union, she quickly rose through the ranks to become the Vice President for Political Action and Legislative Affairs.

In 2004, she was elected to represent the 23rd Senatorial District, encompassing the North Shore of Staten Island and portions of Brooklyn, including Borough Park, Coney Island, Bensonhurst and Sunset Park. In their endorsement of Senator Savino, The New York Times described her as "scrappy and effective."
Savino sponsors a wide array of programs in the 23rd District, including the only Kosher soup kitchen in New York City, Staten Island's Downtown Drive In Movies, a mobile mammography unit, and several programs for at-risk youth and senior citizens.

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